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We design, develop and launch iOS apps on App Store which are compatible to new generation of iPhones/iPads with latest version of iOS 17.

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iOS App



Build top notch iOS applications with an experienced team

Top iPhone Apps Development Company in Ahmedabad, India/USA/Canada, Skywave offers best-in-class custom iOS App Development Services around the globe using in-house team of Apple Watch/iPad /iPhone App developers. Our mastercoders of iPhone app development team walk and talk in Objective-C and Swift while being passionate about Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks. We design, develop and launch iOS apps on App Store which are compatible to new generation of iPhones/iPads with latest version of iOS 16. We prefer to use the latest and the most popular IDE (Xcode) that will spice up the UX and will fuel your iPhone and iPad apps.

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Android App



Don’t miss out on major audiences using Android devices in the World

Skywave Info Solutions is a leading Android App Development Company in India, USA and Canada with 10+ experience in providing custom Android App Development Services globally. Hire expert Android app developers from us who hold proficiency to create custom Android app that works on all Android devices and latest OS versions like Oreo and Android P Beta versions. Android App Developers at Skywave use their strong command over Kotlin, Java, C, C++ HTML, CSS that helps them to code top-notch hybrid Android Application Development Services and Solutions for almost all the industry categories on Google Play Store.

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React Native App



Top industries have implemented their products in React Native.

Our expert React Native development team delivers the best possible cross-platform application development services to deliver a product that is as close as native Android or iOS application. React Native developers from Skywave Info Solutions are well versed in all React Native tools like React native Expo, VSCode, ESLint, Flow, Enzyme and Reactotron; frameworks like Snowflake, Ignite, Nativebase; and libraries such as React Navigation, MobX and Animatable. Leverage the benefits of React Native development for strategic business growth at an affordable cost.

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Future is here with Augmented and Virtual reality!

Being a trusted Augmented Reality (AR) applications development company in India, USA and APAC region, we help businesses to give their customers a whole new world right in front of their eyes leveraging AR technology integrated with quality mobile applications. Hire our AR app developers, who are experts in AR development using location-based tracking, 3D modeling & visualization, 360-degree panoramic imaging, real-time character identification and more. We are experts in all major AR tools such as Wikitude, Vuforia, Catchoom, ViewAR and Augment.

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Cross platform/ Hybrid

App Development


Build awesome applications within a low budget

Just like Android and iOS, Skywave Info Solutions is an award winning cross platform application development company in India and USA. We develop high performance cross platform mobile apps which can run flawlessly on all mobile platforms. Our cross platform app developers are well-versed in using trending technologies and frameworks like Xamarin, React Native, Nativescript, PhoneGap/ Apache Cordova, Appcelerator’s Titanium and Xamarin. Our cross platform app developers have proved excellence in writing compact and clean codes on web technologies (CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, C#, etc.) and to build a required protocol stack such as RTP, HTTP, SOAP, XML, REST etc. Hire affordable cross platform app development services for rich and intuitive cross platform mobile apps.

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Flutter App



Get an expressive app with a revolutionary framework

Flutter is the most lucrative mobile app development framework. Launched by Google and now it has a very big community all around. Also, Flutter is the native language for Fuchsia OS, which enhances the power of developers and mobile apps both. It supports native development in iOS and Android both which helps this framework to get more power in the market. Skywave Info Solutions is one of the top Flutter app development companies in India. We have experienced developers working from the very start of the launching of Flutter framework. We already have developed many applications in Flutter. Our team can help you and guide you for your dream project in Flutter and pull out the most beneficial outcomes from it. We can build apps in Flutter passionately by utilizing all its features and instances.

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Quick answers to common queries, enhancing user experience.


The mobile app development process typically involves ideation, planning, design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance. It starts with defining the app's purpose and target audience, followed by creating wireframes, designing the user interface, coding, testing for bugs and finally releasing the app to the app stores.

The platform choice depends on your target audience. If you want to reach a global audience, consider developing for both iOS and Android. If you have budget constraints or a specific audience in mind, you may choose one platform initially and expand later. Cross-platform frameworks like React Native or Flutter can also be considered for simultaneous development on both platforms.

Best practices for mobile app design include creating a user-friendly interface, ensuring easy navigation, optimizing for various screen sizes, providing clear calls to action, optimizing performance and conducting usability testing. Consistent branding, intuitive gestures and a focus on accessibility are also important considerations.

There are various monetization strategies for mobile apps, including in-app purchases, subscription models, freemium models and advertisements. The choice depends on your app's purpose and target audience. It's important to balance user experience with revenue generation and provide value to users to encourage engagement and purchases.

Security is crucial in mobile app development. Ensure secure data storage, use encryption for sensitive information, implement secure authentication methods and regularly update your app to patch security vulnerabilities. Additionally, consider performing security audits and testing to identify and address potential risks.

Push notifications are messages sent to users' devices, keeping them informed about updates, promotions or relevant information. When used strategically, push notifications can increase user engagement and retention.

Mobile apps can use AI for features like personalized recommendations, natural language processing in chatbots, image recognition and predictive analytics. AI enhances user experiences by providing tailored content and intelligent interactions.

Mobile app localization involves adapting the app for different languages and cultures. Considerations include translating text, adjusting date formats and accommodating regional preferences to ensure a seamless and culturally relevant experience for users.

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